How to Handle Price Shoppers

weddingplannerpricingHow much are your packages?

Can you send me a price list?

These are the questions that you receive via email, at bridal shows and over the phone that can make any event planner cringe. You worry that once you give a price the lead will disappear without a second thought. So how do you handle the price question?

I have found that many couples ask about price before anything else because that is all they know to ask. They may not understand exactly what a wedding and event planner does or how hiring you can benefit them. Even though being asked about price can seem like a dead-end lead look at it this way, they have contacted you. So that means they are at least THINKING they need a planner, which is good news! The following are the things I include in my response to turn a price shopper into a consultation. It gives them a little information about price, but above all it, shows your value and expertise!


People buy from those they like and a wedding vendor needs to be liked! So, find a way to relate to the potential client. For example, if they told you what venue they are using and you are familiar with the venue, say something positive about it.

Give Them Information

When I respond to any inquiry I include one of my e-guides. It is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and give the potential client a chance to get to know how knowledgeable you are and how they can be aided in their planning process.

Link to Your Work

Always include links to your online portfolios and blog, especially if you have planned events at their venue! Once again, you are demonstrating your experience and showing them that you can be of service.

Call to Action

If your goal is to set up a meeting then ask for one. Instead of ending with, “contact me if you would like to set up an appointment”, ask them for a specific date and time. For example, if you want to set up a phone chat say, “I have some free time at 4pm on March 15, would you be available for a quick phone chat to discuss how I can be of service?” I find people are compelled to respond to specific questions. You will either get the appointment, they will offer a different time, or they will flat out say no and you are not wondering when/if they will call.


All of my emails have my best review at the bottom below my signature. It is one final way to remind them how great you are! Plus, it is from a past client so it carries more weight.

By using this type of response, I have weeded out the couples who are 100% price shoppers and I am pleasantly surprised with how many couples start out asking about price, but ultimately see the value in what a wedding planner adds to their wedding day.

 Do you have any additional advice on how to handle price shoppers? Please share with us in the comments.

Today’s post is a guest post from Amber Peterson. Amber is the owner of Cheers Wedding & Event Planning in western Washington. She has a Masters Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications and previously worked as a marketing consultant for wedding industry professionals. Amber is also the co-founder of the Skagit Wedding Society

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  1. Amber thanks for sharing, every planner needs to learn that when the bride ask for price is a conversation starter because they don’t know how else to begin the conversation, what you put down here is great advice!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great article! Thanks for sharing.

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