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The Wedding Planner’s Toolbox

wedding planners toolbox

  The Wedding Planner's Toolbox is a complete set of electronic tools for professional wedding planners. These documents are used by professional wedding planners around the world. Before we launched these tools, they were reviewed for accuracy by multiple industry professionals including wedding planners, … [Read More...]

VIP Lounge

wed planner forum

What is the VIP Lounge? The VIP Lounge (very important planner lounge) is a forum-based online community of wedding and event planners from around the world. Our community forums feature topics, advice and information related to business, event design, wedding planning and more.   Why Join … [Read More...]

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 2015

A Beginner's Guide to Google AdWords for Wedding Pros {Wedding Business Success} How I Set Work Boundaries {Rowdy Kittens} Setting Boundaries with Demanding Clients {Christine Kane} 3 Beliefs That Hold You Back {Marc and Angel} How to Raise … [Read More...]

Reignite Your Passion for Planning

passion for event planning

There is nothing like the excitement of the first couple of years as a new wedding planner. Everything is new and each client that books your services is a fresh and exciting project. Fast-forward to years 5 or 10 and you may be feeling slightly … [Read More...]